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After changing your vehicle's oil or any other fluid, you may realize you don't know how to dispose of it. To help you do the right thing, use these tips from Advanced Filtration Technologie, Inc in Williston.

Learn How to Properly Get Rid of Your Car's Old Fluids

When changing your car's fluids, you may be stumped when it comes to what you should do with the old fluids. While specific details will vary by state, you generally don't want to throw it out in the trash or throw it down the drain. Because of the toxins they contain and the hazards they can pose to the environment and your health, you will need to ensure you dispose of them properly.

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Don't Throw Away Old Fluids

Whether you're changing your car's oil, replacing the coolant, or switching out any other fluid, you have to keep in mind that you can't simply throw out the used fluid. This can actually be illegal in many places and can lead to fines. With that said, your state may have different collection locations or recycling centers where you can drop off your used fluids so that they can be disposed of properly. Learn more details about what to do with your fluids below.

How to Dispose of Coolant

You may notice that your car's antifreeze has a bit of a sweet smell to it, but that doesn't mean it's safe to throw out anywhere. In fact, it can be very poisonous despite its sweet smell. Because of this, it's a bad idea to dump it out in your yard or let it get into the sewers. Instead, look for a recycling center that will take the old coolant off your hands. Oftentimes, you may find that gas stations will take your old coolant to recycle. You can call your local gas stations to find one that has this service available.

How to Properly Dispose of Motor Oil

If you're hoping to start changing your oil at home, this is a great money-saving step to take, but you must make sure you dispose of the used oil properly. Just like with your used coolant, oil should never be thrown into the lawn, down the sewer, or down the drain because this isn't safe for the environment. Be sure to catch your oil in a clean pan and safely pour it into a new container that can be sealed tightly. You can usually find these sorts of containers at your local auto parts stores and some cities even provide them as part of a curbside recycling program. Some auto parts stores will take your old oil as part of a recycling program as well, just be sure you don't mix the oil with anything else. Another plus is that places that recycle old oil will also take your old oil filters for recycling as well.

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How to Dispose of Brake Fluid

Your car's brake fluid is very flammable, so it must be kept in a tightly sealed container after being drained from your car. Keeping it in a closed container is a safe practice to avoid any accidents while you look for a place that will take it off your hands. Contact your local hazardous waste center to get the best recycling or disposal information for your area.

How to Get Rid of Dirty Rags

If you work on your car often, then chances are you've had to clean up a spill here or there every so often. This can result in a pile of rags soaked in oil, coolant, and other hazardous fluids. These fluids are just as toxic and flammable when soaked into a rag, so it's important that you don't let these accumulate in the garage and turn into a house fire. You also shouldn't wash them out in the sink because that can lead to the fluids making their way into the water system. Instead, check with your local hazardous waste center to see where you can drop off these items so that they can be disposed of safely.

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