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Beach Filters

Beach Filters provides industry with solutions for keeping industrial compressed air, lubricants and storage spaces clean and dry. Beach offers top quality products and 24 hour service through global distributors to all manufacturing segments, but especially aerospace.

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Designed to replace the standard breather cap on gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs, storage and process tanks, the Beach Breather incorporates a patented design that filters water and particulate contamination for optimum system performance. The breathers are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet the needs of virtually any industry application.

Common features of all units include the use of a hygroscopic agent to prohibit water ingression and a patented filter media to capture and backflush particulate. An industry exclusive airflow pattern ensures maximum saturation and a partial regeneration of all desiccant crystals, which extends the life of the breather. A visual indicator allows the user to easily recognize when the breather must be changed or rebuilt. A wide variety of adapters are available for quick and easy replacement of factory installed breather caps.

The opportunity for breather filters is enormous. The number of unfiltered reservoirs and storage tanks where this product will perform is literally in the millions all over the world. While there are other breathers on the market these are by far the very best in quality performance and value

Available Breathers
  • For most hydrolic oil reservoirs and small storage tanks.
  • Removes moisture from incoming air, extending fluid and system life
  • Captures particles as small as 0.5µ (73.5% eff.) 3µ absolute/ ?3>200
  • Disperses air evenly over filter media and silica gel
  • Allows for easy activation of the unit without tools and controlled breathing
  • Allows for adaptation to virtually any system.
  • Both Aquaguard hybrid and bladder breathers are designed for low flow applications such as pumps, grearboxs, and wet environments
  • Both use dual check valve system to extend desiccant life
  • Bladder breather allow internal breathing to further extend desiccant life
  • Captures particles as small as 0.5µ (73.5% eff.) 3µ absolute/ ?3>200
  • Rugged polycarbonate and nylon construction.
  • Designed for harsh environments and high temperature applications like mobile and marine equipment.
  • Removes moisture from incoming air, extending fluid and system life
  • Removes particles as small as 0.3µ
  • Color changing silica provides easy system monitoring
  • Rugged casing with dual check valves
  • More desiccant, longer life - bigger disposable housing
  • Higher air flow - 24 to 27cfm vs. 16cfm in our other disposables
  • Hybrid, reliable check-valve technology - from XD-6 and Aquaguard® breathers
  • Honeycomb oil mist reducer technology - New techology parented pending
  • Specifically designed for high flow applications such as bulk storage, large hydraulics and harsh environments
  • Accommodates large airflow rates with minimal pressure drops
  • Bi-directional airflow with integrated standpipe
  • Multi-tiered filtration process with 1 micron replaceable pleated element
  • Large surface area results in long service life
  • Sight glass indicator for easy system monitoring
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Hydraulic, drum, gearbox and tote adapter kits offer a variety of fittings, breather filters and other customizable features to allow quick connection to your filter system and minimize external contamination.