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Roilgard offers equipment from vehicle filtering to programmable systems.
Automotive / marine engine oil filtration  
Wall Mounted Housings  
Coolant Recyclers  
Anti-Freeze Recyclers  
Fluid mixing & filtering  
2 & 4 wheeled filter carts

Roilgards filter media is specially designed to remove contaminants from oil, even water. Roilgard also manufactures many of their own special tanks & housings along with a number of diversified filter elements featuring ratings down to one micron. 

Roilgard By-pass filters:  Longer Engine Life   Fewer Engine Repairs   Save Money & Costs   Improved Fuel Economy   Less Oil Changes   Better Performance   Less Down Time

Who Uses Roilgard Filtration Equipment

  • Trucking/Delivery Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Logging Industry
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Machine shops
  • Municipalities
  • Marine fleets
  • Mining industry
  • Utilities
  • Rental fleets
  • School bus industry

Benefits of Using a Roilgard System

  • Longer engine life
  • Fewer engine repairs
  • Reduced condensation
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Fewer oil changes
  • Less down time
  • Better engine performance

Function and Innovation
Conventional Vs By-Pass FiltersMotor vehicles are equipped with a conventional full-flow filter. However, the design of the engine demands that the oil must flow too freely for these filters to have a dense enough media to trap the finest of contaminates caused by combustion, moisture and airborne dirt. These original equipment full-flow filters are designed only to filter contaminates down to approximately 25 microns.The Roilgard by-pass filter takes over where the full-flow filter leaves off. It operates independently of the engines filtration system on a “partial flow” basis, filtering contaminates down to three microns or less and returning the clean oil to the engine. A Roilgard by-pass filter will filter all the oil in a six quart system in approximately five minutes at an engine speed of 45 mph.

Guaranteed Non-Channeling
Roilgard filters have a movable follower plate that reacts to the discharge pressure of the oil pump. The pressure differential of the oil passing from the outside to the perforated center tube exerts hydraulic pressure on the follower plate forcing it downward. This pressure on the filter media, as it becomes saturated, makes it impossible for oil to pass through unfiltered.The Roilgard filter media is a special blend of virgin wood and cotton fibers that is formed into individual discs that absorb moisture from oil as it passes through the filter. Because Roilgard by-pass filtration systems are guaranteed to be non-channeling, your equipment will benefit from having the cleanest oil possible re-filtered back into its system. An additional bonus is the cost savings you’ll see with fewer oil changes and also through the extended life ofyour equipment.