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DIY AMSOIL Synthetic Oil and Filter Change for Your Small Engine in Dickinson

Lawnmower maintenance is important to extend the life of your push mower or lawn tractor, and one of the most critical engine maintenance items is regular Synthetic Oil Change. For the best lawnmower engine performance, you should change oil after the first 5 hours of use for a new mower, then at least once every spring or summer mowing season or every 50 hours of operation, whichever comes first. Follow these steps to change your lawnmower engine oil in Dickinson.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil and  Lawn Mower Supplies Near Me

Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. can help you choose the best AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oilor shop AMSOIL online. For your lawnmower or small engine Synthetic Oil Change in Dickinson, you will need:
  • AMSOIL Synthetic Engine Oil

  • Oil Filter

  • Oil Drain Pan

  • Funnel

  • Owner's manual for your lawnmower

  • the correct grade of AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

  • Oil drain pan

  • Shop towels or rags

  • Funnel

  • Old newspapers or cardboard

AMSOIL has all the 100% Synthetic Oil you need to change the oil in your lawn tractor or push mower. To make it even easier, use oil extractor tools to help avoid oil spills or work with inconveniently placed drain plugs. These types of tools also come with an oil-safe storage container. Bring your old oil to your local mechanic for oil recycling drop-off. If you have a larger riding mower or lawn tractor, use a jack to lift and secure your mower so you can easily change the oil, sharpen mower blades, replace belts or remove debris.
  • Start your lawn mower's engine and let it warm up for about 60 seconds.

  • Turn off the engine.

  • Disconnect the spark plug wire so your lawnmower engine does not accidentally start while you are working.

  • Using a shop towel or rag, clean old oil and dirt from the dip stick shaft and drain plug areas.

  • Remove the dip stick.

Drain the Oil

If you have a push mower, begin by propping the mower deck up so that the spark plug is facing up. Then follow these steps for a DIY Synthetic Oil Change in Dickinson.
  • Place the oil-safe container under the mower.

  • Using a socket wrench, unscrew the oil plug counter clockwise until oil can escape. Empty oil from mower into an oil-safe container, such as an oil drain pan.

  • Never use a container that is not intended to contain motor oil to store old oil. Containers not intended for this use could leak and cause oil to spill in your garage or barn.

  • Never dump used oil on the ground or down the drain. Take your used oil back to your local mechanic or a designated oil recycling facility to be properly disposed of.

Replace the Oil Filter in Your Lawnmower

Oil filters in mowers help keep the oil clear of large particles of dirt and other debris. If your lawnmower is equipped with an oil filter, it is a good idea to change the oil filter at least once per year, or as often as is recommended by the manufacturer. Check your owner's manual to ensure you are using the best AMSOIL oil filter and for help finding the right replacement unit for your lawn mower's make and model.
  • Locate the oil filter on your push mower or lawn tractor.

  • Twist the oil filter counter clockwise until the oil filter can be removed. You can use your hands if the oil filter is loose enough, or you can use a pipe wrench or filter wrench if the oil filter is too tight.

  • Look at the seal on the oil filter. If there is dirt or other debris on the seal (in our around the rubber gasket of the mower oil filter), clean it off.

  • Using new engine oil, rub the clean sealing gasket with oil so that it appears clean and well-lubricated.

  • Place the new oil filter into the filter adapter and screw it back into place by hand.

  • Tighten the oil filter using a filter wrench or pipe wrench.

For the Best Deals, Refill Engine with AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

Now it is time to put new synthetic oil back into your lawnmower. For help determining which Synthetic Oil your small engines require, check your engine owner's manual and contact the pros at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. Clean oil should appear translucent with a slight golden brown tint. Dirty oil will appear opaque and dark brown or black in color. Consider using an oil funnel to help prevent spills.
  • Locate the oil fill plug of your lawn tractor or push mower. This is where you will pour the oil.

  • Pour the recommended amount of oil directly into the hole where the oil fill plug goes. If you have two oil fill plugs, either one can be used to refill oil.

  • Never overfill. Only put in as much oil as is recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Once all of your new oil is inside the lawnmower engine, replace the oil fill plug or dipstick. Wipe the dipstick clean before inserting it back into the dip stick shaft.

  • Finally, pull the dipstick back out of the mower and make sure the oil level is correct. The proper oil level marker can be seen on the dip stick.

  • Put the dipstick back into the dip stick shaft and wipe away any excess oil that may have dripped or spilled onto other parts of the lawnmower.

Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. offers a complete line of AMSOIL The First in Synthetics 100% Synthetic Oils and lubricants for all your engine needs. Contact us or call 701-572-3780 today to find out which AMSOIL Synthetic Oil your engines need in Dickinson.

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