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One worry many car owners share is improving fuel efficiency for their vehicles. In this post by Advance Filtration Technologies in Williston, we’ll go over a few ways you can improve your vehicle’s efficiency while driving. 

Stick To Your Maintenance Schedule

Creating a maintenance schedule for your vehicle can help in improving fuel efficiency and catch any trouble with your car before it gets worse. Think of it this way, when all parts of your vehicle all well taken care of, they will be more efficient overall. Check these three points on your vehicle to improve its efficiency:
  • Air filter: Make sure to clean out the air filter on your car, as a blocked filter can cause your engine to be less efficient. Having a clean air filter can improve your fuel efficiency by 10%.
  • Battery: Make sure that your battery is in good condition and that its terminals are free of corrosion. If they do have some, clean it off with warm water and tighten the terminals.
  • Tire pressure: Believe it or not, your car’s tires play a big part in making your vehicle more efficient. Make sure they’re at the indicated air pressure to improve gas mileage by 0.6%.

The friendly oil experts at Advanced Filtration Technologies can help you decide on the best products to maintain your vehicle and improve fuel efficiency, like AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil. Call them today at (701) 572- 3780 or visit their online shop for their full line of products.

Use the Right Products

Every engine is different because different manufacturers have different standards for the best way to help your engine perform better. That’s why the first place you should check for in terms of the best products for your engine should be your owner’s manual. Knowing what the manufacturer’s standard is for products will help you choose the best ones without hesitation. There are two products you should check your manufacturer’s specifications before using them on your vehicle, and those are gas and oil. Using the right octane gas can help your car run better and prevent engine damage, and lower emissions in the long run. Selecting the recommended grade oil as a well-lubricated engine will be more efficient.

Learn How to Drive Efficiently

Learning how to drive efficiently can also help you save fuel. The first tip in driving more efficiently is to plan out your route before you leave your house. Think of all the places and stops you’ll make along the way and check traffic on your phone app of choice to avoid congested routes. Also, while planning your route, make sure to avoid rough roads you know of along the way, as this can also hinder your fuel efficiency. Other ways to improve fuel efficiency are: accelerate gently, use constant speed, and decelerate by coasting instead of braking.

Improving fuel efficiency starts with keeping your engine in great shape. The oil experts at Advanced Filtration Technologies are ready to answer all your questions and guide you through their extensive line of products. Call them today at (701) 572- 3780 or visit their online shop to place your order!

Cut Down on Idling Time

Idling can happen in many situations, waiting at a red light, being stuck in a traffic jam, or waiting for someone you’re picking up. We’ve also made to believe that cutting your engine and starting it up again will make you waste much more gas than idling. Well, experts have proven this to be incorrect, and while it wouldn’t make sense to cut your engine while waiting at a red light or in a traffic jam, we can be conscious of the times when we’re staying in our cars to pick someone up, or while wanting to warm it up before leaving in the morning for work. Idling your engine for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than cutting the engine and starting it up again.

Lighten Your Load

Finally, a great way to help your car be more efficient is to avoid heavy loads when possible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pack it when leaving on a road trip or your weekly grocery run, but it does mean that you should only carry what’s necessary on your daily commute to avoid weighing your car down on the regular.

Get in touch with the experts at Advanced Filtration Technologies for the best products for improving fuel efficiency like AMSOIL's DOMINATOR® Octane Boost. Call them today at (701) 572- 3780 for more information, or visit their online shop for their full line of products.


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