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Driving can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also cause road rage for many. In this post by AMSOIL: Advanced Filtration Technologies in Alexander, ND, we’ll cover five tips to avoid it effectively.

Relax Before Driving

Getting into the right mindset before hitting the road is the best way to ensure you’ll be relaxed while driving. Being relaxed before driving can also help you avoid road rage and any driving troubles associated with it. While in your car, take a deep breath and close your eyes for a couple of minutes, then review your arms, legs, and jaw and see if you’re tensing up. If you are, try to relax them through breathing before starting your drive. While breathing exercises are a great way to help help you control your heart rate and relax, it’s not the only way of relaxing while driving. Other options are to play enjoyable music that can help put you in a good mood. Lastly, having a relaxing scent in your car like lavender or chamomile can also help make your vehicle a calmer environment. You can find essential oils diffusers for your car, but sometimes only spraying some lavender water in your car’s interiors can do the trick.

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Don’t Take Aggressive Driving Personally

When on the road, many things can trigger our road rage. One of the most common ones is encountering an aggressive driver. It’s hard not to take it personally if a driver is acting aggressively at others on the road. Still, the best way to avoid getting into a dangerous situation is not to take it personally and prevent it from escalating. Remember that aggressiveness is probably not aimed at you, so the best way to handle it is not engaging. Safety tip: If the situation escalates and turns personal, avoid driving home and try looking for the nearest police station to get help.

Leave With Enough Time

Leaving for your destination with enough time is another strategy to avoid road rage. This way, you’ll have enough time to get to your destination without feeling like you need to rush through traffic. As mentioned earlier, being relaxed and having a calm environment are the best way to feel less stressed when driving. Next time you’re driving somewhere, make a plan and include enough time to account for delays during your drive. Before leaving, check traffic and any road work on the road and make a plan to avoid it. This way, you’ll have fewer chances of encountering delays while driving.

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Practice Polite Driving

As mentioned above, driving can be stressful for many people. That’s why it’s also essential to try and practice polite driving. It might feel like everyone driving is constantly in a bad mood, but controlling your mood while being polite behind the wheel can help you avoid many dangerous situations that could escalate and cause mistakes while driving. One easy thing that can help you be polite while driving is to have extra time in your commute. That way, you can feel less rush and be more inclined to let someone pass you on the highway or wait patiently in line at an intersection. Think of it this way, if you have more time on the road, you’ll also have more time to give other drivers as well.

Steer Away from Bad Driving

Lastly, it’s common to make mistakes while on the road. These might be simple human error or even a distracted second. For some, witnessing bad driving can induce road rage. Always remember that the best policy is not to engage with people wanting to provoke you on the street and avoid trouble that could escalate.

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