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How to Prepare Your Motorcycle and Yourself for the Fall Roads

As the fall season gets closer, performing maintenance on your vehicles is a must. To help you prepare your motorcycle for fall road conditions, Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. in Williams County has some useful tips.

Be Prepared for Fall Road Conditions

Changes in the weather mean there are riding conditions you should be aware of and prepared for before your next motorcycle ride. Follow these tips to be sure you're as prepared as possible to ride your motorcycle this fall.

Adjust Your Riding Gear

Fall isn't quite as cold as winter but also isn't as warm as summer. This in-between season can make dressing for a motorcycle ride a bit complicated because your riding gear may either be too light or too heavy. Since morning temperatures can be quite low and afternoon temperatures can be very warm, your best bet is to dress in light layers. Wear items that are light and easy to remove during daytime highs but that can also keep you warm when temperatures dip. As the weather gets colder through the season you can also bring your leather jacket out of summer storage and use it on the road again.

Keep an Eye on Weather Forecasts

Knowing what the weather will be like all day can be a huge advantage when it comes to motorcycle riding. Before heading out the door and onto your motorcycle, be sure to check the weather forecast. If temperatures will be quite low, dress warmly, and if light rain is in the forecast, be sure to pack some rain gear. However, keep in mind that if there is a large storm in the forecast you are better off  not using your motorcycle until it has cleared.

Understand Changing Road Conditions

Road conditions will be affected by the change is temperatures and weather. Summer conditions were likely quite dry and bright, so be prepared for a shift from this. The fall will be cooler and a bit more wet. Leaves falling off of trees and other debris can accumulate on fall roads, giving your motorcycle less traction. Avoid riding over piles of leaves since these can become very slippery when wet and may also be hiding road dangers, such as potholes and sharp objects. Before fall is in full swing, be sure to treat your motorcycle to a synthetic oil change. To find the best synthetic oil for your motorcycle, contact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. in Williams County. Give them a call at (701) 572- 3780 to place your order today!

Get a Head Start on Your Motorcycle's Seasonal Maintenance

Now that you know what to look out for on the road, prepare your motorcycle for the seasonal riding conditions.

Keep an Eye on Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can be affected by the outdoor temperatures during every season. During the fall season when temperatures are starting to drop you may notice a decrease in you tire pressure. Routinely check your tire pressure during the fall and adjust it to the recommend pressure in order to ensure you have better traction and have less of chance of your tires blowing out. Don't forget to also check your tire tread, replacing any tire that is worn or damaged.

Maintain Your Battery

Colder temperatures may have an impact on your battery as well as on how often you use your motorcycle. As temperatures continue to drop, you may use your motorcycle less often. If you decide to go out for a ride after not using your motorcycle for a couple weeks, do make sure your battery is properly charged. Your best bet is to leave your battery charging but with a tender in order to ensure it doesn't get damaged from overcharging.

Inspect Your Motorcycle's Fluids

Your motorcycles depends on its fluids to continue riding strong. When taking care of fall maintenance, take some time to inspect your bike's coolant level. If this is running low, top it off with the proper coolant. Always make sure you have plenty of fuel in your tank and avoid letting this fluid run low. Lastly, give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change. Synthetic oil will ensure your engine is properly protected no matter how hot or cold temperatures get. To ensure your engine is cleaner and suffers less wear, protect it with AMSOIL synthetic oil.

Get Synthetic Oil Change in Williams County

Prepare your motorcycle for the fall with a synthetic oil change in Williams CountyContact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. at (701) 572- 3780 to find the right AMSOIL OIL for all of your engines. Don't forget to stop by their online shop to check out a full selection of AMSOIL products.

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