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Motor oil is imperative for your car’s safe function. Its job is to lubricate all the metals components that make up your engine. It also helps cool down your engine. If your car was working without oil, it would soon be damaged and eventually stop working. Synthetic oil is especially formulated to last longer and lubricate better. It does need to be changed, though, and it’s something you can do at home. Follow this easy steps Advanced Filtration Technology in Williston has prepared for you to get your synthetic oil change at home.

Getting Started

To begin with the synthetic oil change you need to warm up the oil you already have so it can flow out easily. Run your car for a couple of minutes, not much, you don’t want the oil get too hot. Park it somewhere flat so it’s secure and it won’t roll off. Use your owner’s manual to fin the jacking point and slowly raise the front of your car. Locate the oil drain and put a plastic container underneath to catch the oil you will be taking out.

Oil Filter

You can’t change the oil without changing the oil filter, too. Keep your protective gloves on and carefully unscrew the filter. It might still have some oil left in it! Get your new filter and lubricate its gasket ring with a bit of oil, this will help it seal better. Insert and screw your new filter.

New Oil

Consult your owner’s manual again to know how much oil to use. Pour in your synthetic oil into your engine and replace the oil cap back on. Make sure there aren’t any tools close to your engine before you close the hood.

Get the Most Effctive Synthetic Oil in Williston

You are all set! Now you have done a synthetic oil change all by yourself! Don’t forget that the best for your vehicle is AMSOIL synthetic oil in Williston. Advanced Filtration Technology can help you find the AMSOIL products you may need. Call them up at: (701) 572-3780 to get them and know more about their products. Visit the online store to place an order today!

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