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Synthetic Oil: The Greener Choice

You probably already know that synthetic oil lasts longer, improves performance, and protects better than conventional oil. If those were not enough to convince you to switch, here are a list of environmental benefits you can add to the list.

No More Drills, No More Spills

Synthetic oil gets produced in a lab, so requires no more offshore oil drills, no more fracking, no more pipelines, and no more oil spills. Producing synthetic oil is much better for the environment than the processes for drilling, refining, and transporting petroleum.

No More Crude

Contaminants found in natural petroleum not only corrode your engine, but also burn out your exhaust pipe. Synthetic oil is crude free, using less energy to lubricate and protect your engine. The energy savings means improved performance at the cost of less fuel. Lower emissions and better mileage are clear environmental pluses.

No More Dumping

Maybe not no more dumping, but synthetic oil lasts five times as long as conventional oil, so five times fewer oil changes, five times less oil to dispose. Even small improvements have big impacts in this respect. Increasing your drain interval from 5,000 miles to 7,500 reduces your oil dumped by 33%.

Maintain Viscosity

Since synthetic oil is more resistant to heat and pressure than natural petroleum, less of it gets burned in harsh conditions. When oil burns, it escapes through your tailpipe and into the air. By maintaining its viscosity, synthetic oil reduces emissions.

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