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A car is so much more than just a mean of transport; it can be a lunch table, a closet, a shelter and a hiding spot….it can even be a home. Since it has so many uses, it’s only obvious that you should take extra care of it. On this summer vacations when you may be travelling on it you should follow these safety precautions that Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc in Williston suggests to protect it.

Put Everything Away Before you Reach your Destination

If you are planning on storing something valuable in your car, make sure you stow it before you fully park on your destination. By doing it once you reach the place, you are basically showing the world what you’re saving and where you are putting it.

Park in a Garage

Street parking leaves your care vulnerable to theft. Though it doesn’t mean that nothing can happen to your car in a garage, it is safer to park it there.

Don't be Obvious

Don't leave anything in plain view. No matter how unappealing it may seem to you, someone else might like it. Hide your electronic devices, bags, and valuables from plain view.

A Mess Looks Like You Are Hiding Something

When your car is piled up with cloths and other objects, it may look as if you are trying to cover up something of value. Keep your car neat, almost like if you were showing people you have nothing to hide. Thieves are less likely to get close if they don’t see anything interesting. Remember to always lock your car and set the alarm!

For a Synthetic Oil Change in Williston

Protect your engine as well, by getting a synthetic oil change in Williston. Give the experts at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc in Williston a call at: (701) 572-3780 to ask them for the best AMSOIL products for your car. There's also an online store you can visit for your convenience.

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