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Ignoring an issue in your cooling system can lead to some serious engine damage, so you're better off knowing how to detect these early on. Check out these tips so you know when trouble is brewing.

Signs of an Issue in Your Cooling System

Even the smallest of issues in your car's cooling system has the potential to grow into a serious problem for your car. To avoid the damage this can cause to your car, look out for these signs of trouble in your cooling system.

Your Dashboard Light Has Turned On

Your car has a collection of warning lights in the dashboard that will turn on whenever there is trouble that needs to be taken care of. When it comes to your cooling system, your car will let you know there is trouble in this area by illuminating your coolant light. Your car may be running low on coolant, making it harder for your cooling system to regulate temperatures under the hood. If you notice this light has recently turned on, don't ignore it. Instead, pull over and check on your coolant. If needed, top off your current supply before driving away.

Temperatures Are Rising

It takes a lot of work and power to to keep your car moving, so it makes sense that temperatures under the hood will pretty high levels. However, you car runs at its best when it reaches its ideal operating temperature. If temperatures start to reach beyond this, it can lead to damage. For this reason, your car has a temperature gauge that measures just how high temperatures are getting. If your cooling system is having a hard time keeping things cool enough to run smoothly, your temperature gauge will let you know.

You Have a Coolant Leak

A leak is a clear sign of trouble no matter what liquid it is that is involved. If your coolant is leaking, this can lead your car to lose quite a bit of this essential fluid. Since you need the right amount of coolant in your car in order to keep the cooling system operating properly, a leak can lead to serious damage if it isn't taken care of promptly. If you've spotted a leak but aren't sure if it's your coolant, an easy way to verify this is by taking note of the color of the fluid. Coolant tends to be bright green in color making it easy to identify. If your coolant is leaking, top off your current supply before making your way to your mechanic. Keeping your car's engine in great shape can also help keep temperatures under the hood under control. To keep your engine performing efficiently, give it a synthetic oil change in Williston. A quality oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil can make all the difference. Find even more great products like this by contacting Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc at (701) 572- 3780.

Steam or Smoke Under the Hood

When temperatures get too hot under the hood, you may start to notice smoke or steam seeping out from under it. If you notice this starting to happen, don't ignore it and hope it fixes itself. By this point your engine is overheating and needs to be turned off before any serious damage occurs. Pull over safely as soon as you can and turn off your engine. As you wait for things to cool down, pop open the hood to let the steam escape faster. Once things are completely cool, check your coolant. If you're running low, this may be why your engine was overheating.

Thick, White Exhaust Smoke

Coolant leaks don't always lead to a puddle underneath your car. In fact, coolant can leak internally, leading to a whole other set of symptoms and issues. When your coolant leaks internally, it can often lead to thick, white smoke being expelled from your car's exhaust pipe. This is because your coolant will end up in the combustion chamber where it will burn and lead to smoke. This on top of coolant that keeps disappearing will let you know that you have an internal leak that needs to be taken care of. Instead of ignoring this smoke, take a trip to your mechanic to get this resolved before it leads to more serious issues.

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