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No one wants to be involved in a car accident. For that reason, here are some tips to help you stay accident-free this year.

Tips to Help You Stay Accident-Free on the Road

Getting in a car accident isn't any fun. While it may not take more than a few seconds for a car accident to occur, you may be left dealing with the repercussions for weeks or even months. To avoid this headache and to keep you safe on the road, be sure you are doing everything you can to stay safe. Use these tips to prevent getting into a car accident this year.

Perform Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle in great shape can help reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident. By ensuring your car is in good working order you can avoid road issues, such as malfunctioning brakes and an overheating engine. Keep in mind that a malfunctioning vehicle can lead to sudden stops or even not being able to stop in a timely manner. So, to avoid rear ending someone or getting rear ended, be sure your vehicle is always ready for the road.

Ensure the Driver Is in a Good State

There are plenty of warnings against driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and for good reason. While these warnings are very important, it is important to recognize that these aren't the only things that can impair a person's ability to drive safely. A tired driver can often be just as dangerous as a drunk driver. If you need glasses to see, never drive away without them on. Finally, avoid driving while on medication that can make you drowsy.

Remove In-Car Distractions

In-car distractions are often the causers of minor and even major road accidents. Something as small as a cellphone can cause a lot of damage if you allow it to distract you from the road. To stay focused on the road, identify your biggest distractors and find a way to tune them out. For example, if your cellphone notifications cause you to reach for your phone without even thinking, put your phone on silent while you drive or turn it off. If you're expecting an important call while driving, pull over to answer it. There are easy solutions to get rid of distractions, it just takes some commitment. If you haven't performed any maintenance tasks on your car recently, there's no time like the present. To start, give your car a synthetic oil change using a great AMSOIL synthetic oil, like their Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. To find products like this and many others, contact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. at (701) 572- 3780.

Practice Defensive Driving

Driving defensively means that you will not only do your best to drive safely, you will also be on the lookout for what other drivers are doing. Anticipating a driver's next move or keeping your distance from an erratic driver will be beneficial to you since there is no way to control how others drive. Keep a safe following distance, brake smoothly, and check your blindspots to avoid trouble on the road.

Drive at a Safe Speed

If you're in a hurry, you may be tempted to increase your speed beyond the posted speed limit. We've all probably done this a number of times, but it's best to drive at a safe speed, or more specifically, the posted speed. If you're running late, let whoever is waiting for you know instead of trying to make up for your tardiness with speed. If you're often running late, give yourself more time to get ready at home.

Avoid Driving Under Certain Conditions

Certain conditions are known to make the roads more dangerous, so it's important that you avoid driving during these times if possible. To start, avoid driving during storms that can reduce your visibility and make the roads slick. Driving at night can also increase your chances of getting in an accident. The darker conditions can make it harder to see and nighttime is also when you are more likely to encounter fatigued drivers and drunk drivers.

It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in Williston, ND

To ensure your engine is always prepared for the road, give your car regular synthetic oil changes in Williston, ND. The experts at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. can help you find the best products for your car. For the personalized service you need, contact them at (701) 572- 3780. You can also browse their entire range of AMSOIL Oil products by visiting their online shop.

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