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Are you wondering what you should know before getting your car serviced? The experts at  AMSOIL: Advanced Filtration Technologies in Williston have put together this quick guide that will answer most of your questions!

What to Expect When Taking Your Car in for Servicing?

When you take your car in for service, you can expect a certified mechanic to do routine maintenance on your vehicle. This means checking several points on your vehicle that can determine if it’s working correctly. Having a professional routinely check your car can help it be more fuel-efficient, have better performance, and perform better. This can also help you catch expensive issues before they worsen and save you money in emergency repairs.

How Important Is It to Get My Car Serviced?

It’s essential to have your car regularly serviced to help it perform at its best. Having your vehicle serviced is also vital because car manufacturers require regular maintenance to make the warranty valid if you need to make a warranty claim. Another good reason for car services is that it helps your vehicle retain its resale value. A car in good condition, with regular maintenance, can be sold at a much better price than a car that doesn’t have a reliable maintenance history.

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Do I Have to Take It to the Dealers?

The simple answer is no, not necessarily. There are two options for taking in your car for service. One is to take it directly to the dealers where you’ll have manufacturer-level service, but it can be more expensive. The other option is taking it to a certified mechanic, but you should remember to keep close records of this if you need to make your warranty valid. The recommended route is to have your mechanic record the service in your car’s service book no matter what option you choose. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, you can purchase one online to facilitate your record keeping.

What’s Included in My Car’s Service?

There are three types of service recommended depending on how long it’s been in between services or how many miles you’ve driven. The first is a basic service recommended to be performed every 6,000 miles or after six months. This includes a basic oil and filter change and a general inspection. After a basic service comes a mid-range service that happens every 12,000 miles or 12 months in which they’ll perform everything included in the basic service, plus changing the engine filters. Finally, there’s a major service that should happen every 24,000 miles or every 24 months. This major service should include everything from the previous two services, plus checking fluids, sparkplugs, and a more thorough inspection of your vehicle for issues. As always, your car’s owner’s manual is the best source of information on services and maintenance. Pro tip: Taking your car in for service can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on what type of service they’ll be performing. Make sure to ask your mechanic how long it will take so you can plan your day accordingly.

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What Are Some Signs I Should Take My Car in for Servicing?

Keeping track of how long it’s been since your last service is the best way to know if it’s time for the next one. Still, other ways to tell if you should schedule a visit to the mechanic is to see if you Check Engine light is on, if your car is leaking or losing fluids, if it’s overheating, if it’s making unusual sounds, or if there’s smoke coming out of your engine. If any of these things are happening, you should schedule an emergency appointment.

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