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If you're new to the dirt bike world, this post can help you learn the basics of dirt bike maintenance, including the importance of synthetic dirt bike oil and fluids.

Dirt Bike Maintenance Tips

Whether you're new to dirt bike riding or a seasoned pro, dirt bike maintenance should be one of your priorities after every ride. Properly taking care of your bike will ensure it enjoys a longer life and that you enjoy more time on the track. Follow these tips to keep your dirt bike performing at its best for longer.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dirt Bike?

To keep your dirt bike well protected, it should be thoroughly washed after every ride, especially if it was a particularly messy ride. Even if you're tired after a long day on the tack, it's important that you remove built on dirt and mud on your bike's body. While dirt is easy to wash off with water and some brushes, mud should be allowed to dry for easier removal. If you're using a pressure washer to get your bike clean, be extra careful. Do your best to avoid pushing water into areas where it can cause damage, such as in the electrical components of your dirt bike.

Inspect After Washing

Once your dirt bike is clean, be sure to dry it completely. You can either allow your bike to air dry or you can speed up the drying process by using a leaf blower or a dryer. Again, be careful to avoid pushing water into your bike's body. Once your bike is clean and dry, you can inspect it for damage and repairs. Start by checking your bike for leaks. Fluids like coolant, oil, and transmission fluid can all turn into an issue if they're leaking. Look out for dripping fluids or check for puddles forming on the ground around your bike. You should also check the nuts and bolts on your bike to ensure they're all properly tightened. Some may come loose while riding, so it's best to tighten them now to ensure you don't forget to do it before your next ride.

Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil

Knowing when to change your dirt bike oil can be a bit tricky, especially if you're a new rider. How often you will need to change the oil will depend on how often you use your dirt bike, what type of conditions you ride in, and even the type of oil you are using. Check your manufacturer's recommendations for the most accurate information. If you're looking for synthetic dirt bike oil, check out AMSOIL's range of synthetic dirt bike oil made to improve the performance of your bike. If you need extra help choosing the perfect synthetic dirt bike oil, contact the experts at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Incfor further advice. They can recommend products like AMSOIL's 10W-50 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil, made for on-track and off-track riding. Give them a call at (701) 572- 3780 to learn more about the products they have available.

Clean the Air Filter

To keep your engine in top shape and to ensure your bike is able to perform at its best, be sure to keep your bike's air filter clean. You can take care of this yourself by removing the air filter and washing it. To wash it, use a spray-on cleaner made for air filters or a solution made of water and a gentle household cleaner. Allow the air filter to dry completely before coating it with an air filter oil. Before placing it back in your bike, allow the oil to become tacky. This should be done periodically in order to ensure no dirt is escaping into your engine.

Top off the Fluids

Just like your car, your dirt bike also relies on a series of fluids to keep it running smoothly and safely. Along with your oil, your dirt bike also needs coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. These need to be maintained and should be replaced according your manufacturer's recommendations. Coolant is an especially important one that needs to inspected routinely. If you have a 4-stroke engine, this is essential for keeping your engine cool and safe from damage. Check out AMSOIL's Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil FAQ's for even more information about the importance of using synthetic oil.

Find Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil in Minot

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