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Maintaining your ATV in top shape is the best way to make it work for years. In this post by AMSOIL: Advanced Filtration Technologies in Williston, we’ll review a few things before your next ride. 

Inspect Your Tires

When taking your ATV out for a ride, checking your tires should always be a top priority. Ensure they’re filled up to the suggested air pressure for better performance and a more efficient and comfortable ride. Also, you should check that your tire’s thickness is right as worn tires perform worse. It’s an excellent way to know that it’s time to check your tires if your ATV wobbles when driving it. Also, keep an eye out for cracks, bulges, or smoothness, which indicate that the tire has reached the end of its useful life.

Check and Change Your Oil

Checking your oil levels and cleanliness is also vital for a healthy engine. As routine maintenance, you should look at your ATV’s oil and see if any debris or dirt is floating around. Other signs that your oil needs changing are that your ATV shakes while idle, that your engine is noisier than usual, or that you have falling oil levels. But mostly, you should make sure that you change your oil at the recommended rate your owner’s manual suggests.

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Fill Up Your ATV on Clean Fluids

Other fluids you should keep an eye on for the best performance are transmission fluid, coolant, and fuel stabilizer. All of these fluids work in unison to help your ATV’s engine work better for longer. As part of your routine, you should ensure that your transmission fluid and coolant levels are up to par with what your owner’s manual says; both these fluids help maintain your ATV’s system in working order. On the other hand, ATVs that aren’t used frequently can have fuel break down, so using a fuel stabilizer is a great way to keep the fuel inside your ATV in good conditions for longer. Fuel stabilizers bond with the fuel leftover in the tank and protect the engine from old fuel. Look for directions on how to use it directly on the fuel stabilizer’s bottle.


Breaks are an essential part of riding your ATV safely, and part of your routine maintenance check is to see if they’re in good working order. A few pieces of your ATV’s breaks you should check, like brake pads, brake fluid, caliper, brake lines, and rotor. But let’s focus on two of the most important ones:
    • Break pads: Your brake pads can tend to wear out quickly if you ride your ATV a lot or if you ride through moist or muddy soil regularly. You can check your brake pad’s thickness by looking in between the wheel’s spokes. Your brake pads should be 1/4 inch thick; if it’s less, it might be time to change them.
    • Brake fluid: Check often if your brake fluid is at an appropriate level. Break fluid helps absorb moisture from the air and prevents it from getting into your breaks. Because of this, you should only use recently opened bottles of brake fluid for best performance. Also, before putting in new brake fluid, you should drain your old fluid from your ATV.

Get a synthetic oil change in Williston to ensure your ATV is always ready to go. The oil pros at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. can guide you through their excellent products. Call (701) 572- 3780 to speak with a professional or visit their online shop for more information.

Clean Out Your Air Filter

The job of the air filter on your ATV is to keep debris out of your engine. It’s crucial to add cleaning your air filter to your ATV’s maintenance schedule as a dirty filter can prevent your vehicle from working correctly. The frequency of cleaning your air filter will vary depending on what terrain you use your ATV, but a good rule of thumb is to clean it out each time you have an oil change.

Do a Battery Health Check

Finally, checking your battery’s health should also be a part of your regular maintenance. Make sure your battery isn’t leaking fluids or that it has corrosion. Also, ensure that your battery doesn’t have cracks or bulging. If it passes these visual checks, turn on your ATV and let it run so that the battery charges up. In the case of a dead battery, the way to go will be to test with a multimeter or voltmeter to see if it’s holding charge or if it’s time for a battery change.

Make getting a synthetic oil change in Williston part of your ATV’s maintenance routine. Call the professionals at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. today at (701) 572- 3780 or visit their online shop to see their complete catalog.


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