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A car is so much more than just a mean of transport; it can be a lunch table, a closet, a shelter and a hiding spot….it can even be a home. Since it has so many uses, it’s only obvious that you should take extra care of it. On this summer vacations when you may be travelling on it you should...
Motor oil is imperative for your car’s safe function. Its job is to lubricate all the metals components that make up your engine. It also helps cool down your engine. If your car was working without oil, it would soon be damaged and eventually stop working. Synthetic oil is especially formulated...
If you were born during the past 30 years, chances are you never learned how to drive a standard transmission. In today's post, we take a look at learning more about your standard transmission and what it does. Not only does driving with a standard transmission let you drive proper racing...
Even at your cheapest neighborhood petrol station, to fill up your vehicle with premium fuel can cost upwards of $60. During these interesting economic times, the question you really need to ask yourself is, is higher octane (premium) gas really worth the extra cost? In this article, the...
In today's economy, it is very important to save money, and if you know your way around an engine, you can save a lot of money doing your own car repairs. However, even if you are an accomplished amateur mechanic, there are some vehicle maintenance procedures that are best left to the...

How to Ensure Your Vehicle is Properly Prepared for a Summer Road Trip

If you're getting ready to hit the road for a fun end of summer road trip, be sure your car is properly prepared for the trip. To make your trip a fun one, avoid having to deal with car issues while trying to reach your...

How to Stop Your Engine From Overheating

An overheating engine is a common issues most drivers have to deal with at some point in their life. If you're not sure how to deal with this issue, follow these tips from Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. in Minot.

What to Do If Your Engine Starts to...


How to Keep Your Car in Good Shape This Summer

The summer season is known for its warm temperatures and ideal vacation conditions. However, if you're stuck commuting every day, you know the rising temperatures can also be unpleasant. You may not be surprised to find that your car would agree with...

Maintenance Tasks to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

If you've been dreaming about your first spring ride ever since putting your motorcycle in storage this past winter, we've got great news for you! Now that the weather is warmer, your first ride may be just around the corner. Before you...

Properly Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring Roads in Dickinson

Seasonal maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle fully protected all year long. Now that winter is over and spring has arrived, it's time to take care of some essential spring maintenance. To help you get started, Advanced...

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