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After buying a motorcycle, it only makes sense to take proper care of it. If you're not too sure where to start when it comes to motorcycle maintenance, these easy tips can help.

How to Care for Your Motorcycle

Whether you're a first-time motorcycle owner or you've owned your ride for years, it's never too late to learn a bit of motorcycle maintenance. Knowing how to take care of a few things yourself can save you plenty of time and money through the years, so why not? Use these tips to get started.

Keep Your Chain Clean

Most newer motorcycles have chains that don't require cleaning too often. This is great news for you, but it also doesn't mean you can forget about the chain altogether. Check your owner's manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends you clean it so that you can keep this in your maintenance checklist. If your chain gets particularly dirty or if the time has come to clean it, this really isn't hard. Simply elevate your bike, put it in neutral, and use a gentle brush to remove whatever is clogging up your chain. After this, use a chain lubricant to evenly coat the entire chain.

Get an Oil Change

An oil change is something you can't escape, but how often your motorcycle will need one will depend on several factors. To get it right, check the manufacturer's recommendations for the most accurate information. If it's time for one now, take your bike out for a short ride to warm up the engine. Grab a drain pan to catch the draining oil before you do anything else in order to avoid a serious mess. With the drain pan in place, go ahead and remove the drain plug, the oil fill plug, and the oil filter. When the oil has been completely drained, it's time to give your motorcycle a new oil filter and put back the other parts. Use a funnel to put the new oil into your motorcycle and seal it up with the oil fill cap when you're done. If your motorcycle is ready for an oil change, the best thing you can do is give it a synthetic oil change in Williston. Click here to purchase AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, which can keep your engine clean and running strong for a long time. To find even more great products for your next oil change, contact the friendly oil experts at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc at (701) 572- 3780. They will be happy to help you find the right oil for your motorcycle.

Take Care of the Tires

Next up, it's time to take a look at your motorcycle's tires. To get started, grab an air pressure gauge and make your way to your motorcycle. Use the gauge to measure the pressure in each tire and compare this to the suggested pressure. If you're running low, you can head over to the gas station and use their air compressor to inflate your tires to the proper pressure. After that, take a look at the tread. Most motorcycle tires will have a wear indicator that will make it super easy to visually spot when your tires are ready to be replaced. If the wear bar is at about the same level as the tread, you're definitely in need of new tires.

Replace the Air Filter

Many people don't realize how much of an effect their motorcycle's air filter will have on the performance of it. A dirty and clogged air filter can lead to serious performance issues, which is why it's so important to replace it periodically. This task can be easy, but it will depend on where yours is located. Check your owner's manual to locate your air filter and remove it. Once it's out, all you have to do it replace it with a clean one. The only trouble may be that it will be located behind other parts which will have to be removed to get to it. Other than that, this task is quite easy to accomplish on your own.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Williston, ND

When your motorcycle is ready for its next oil change, be sure to make it a synthetic oil change in Williston, ND. The friendly oil pros at Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. will be happy to give you the personalized assistance you need when looking for a great synthetic oil. To learn all about their products or to place an order, give them a call at (701) 572- 3780.

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