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Give Your Boat the Proper Care This Fall

Before the fall ends, be sure to properly care for your boat and prepare it for storage. For help getting started, follow these tips from Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. in Williston.

Why Maintenance Should Be Performed in the Fall

Although the end of your boating season may not come until later in the fall, it is important that you start taking care of your boat's maintenance before we enter winter. Since the winter season tends to be quite cold and inclement weather makes it hard to be outdoors, taking care of boat maintenance in the fall will help ensure that you have enough time to prepare your boat for storage until spring. As you perform maintenance tasks, you may run into some issues that need to be fixed. Take advantage of the cool fall weather to get this done and have your boat as prepared for spring as possible before storing it.

Choosing Where to Store Your Boat

Before getting started on your boat's maintenance, you will have to decide where to store it during the winter. The best place to store your boat will depend on a couple of factors. First off, what your boat is made of will determine if it is best off in the water or on land. Fiberglass boats may blister in the water while aluminum and steel boats may suffer corrosion if they spend a season in the water. Wooden boats with an epoxy coating will be better suited for storage on the water since they will be able to resist water penetration. If you choose to store your boat at a marina or boatyard, be sure to understand your responsibilities as the boat's owner. Most marinas and boatyards do require that you check on your boat periodically and don't make themselves fully responsible. To ensure your boat stays at its best, be sure you understand their rules.

Hauling Your Boat to Storage

If you've decided to store your boat on land, you will need to haul your boat to the location. Whether your boat is large or small, be as careful as possible when hauling it. This part of the process tends to be where most boats suffer damages. Be sure to wash and scrub your boat's bottom as soon as it is hauled. The sooner you clean this area, the easier it will be to remove built on marine growth.

Thoroughly Clean Your Boat

Scrubbing your boat's bottom is just the first step to cleaning your boat. You will also need to properly wash your boat's interior and exterior. The exterior will need to be washed and waxed in order to remove built on and often corrosive grime as well as to add a layer of protection during storage. Clean the inside of your boat and remove electronics and organic materials if it is being stored outdoors. Although you will need to cover your boat, outdoor elements can still affect your boat. Prepare your boat for winter storage with a synthetic oil change in Williston. For help finding the right synthetic oil for your boatcontact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. in Williston. You can place your order by dialing (701) 572- 3780 or by visiting their online shop.

Give Your Boat a Synthetic Oil Change

Once your boat is clean, it's time to get started on the fluids. Start by flushing your boat's old oil and replacing it with a new synthetic oil. Water and other acids may have made their way into your oil. This can cause engine corrosion and can cause even more damage if it freezes over the winter months. For the best winter protection, change your boat's oil filter and replace the oil with an AMSOIL Synthetic Marine OilWith AMSOIL Oil you can be sure your boat will be ready to go in the spring.

Fill up on Fuel

Although you won't be using your boat during the winter, it's important that your boat's fuel tank is full while in storage. The reason your fuel tank shouldn't be empty is because this allows condensation to enter the tank, which may cause rust and corrosion to damage it. To protect this vital part of your boat simply fill up on fuel before storing. Don't forget to mix in a fuel stabilizer in order to ensure the fuel is usable in the spring.

Take Care of Your Battery

If your battery stays hooked up all through the winter, you may find it won't be ready for use in the spring. To avoid having a dead battery in the spring, disconnect your battery now. This will prevent it from draining and even dying out completely. Charge your battery every so often during the offseason in order to keep it working well and prepared for the spring. Don't forget to also clean the posts and connections around the battery.

Get Synthetic Oil Change in Williston

Make sure your boat is taken care of while in storage by giving it a synthetic oil change in WillistonContact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. at (701) 572- 3780 and be sure to ask about their synthetic oil deals and specials. Don't forget to stop by their online shop to check out a full selection of AMSOIL products.

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