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Having a lawnmower maintenance routine can help you keep it in good condition for longer. Keep reading this post from Advanced Filtration Technologies in Alexander, ND, for everything you need to know.

Even though lawn mowers seem like simple, zero maintenance tools, it’s important to remember that even though they might be easy to operate, the fact that it has an engine means that you need to have a regular maintenance routine to keep them in top shape. Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know to keep it in good condition for longer.

Having a lawnmower maintenance routine will allow you to have a valuable tool for longer. Call Advanced Filtration Technologies today at (701) 572-3780 for advice on the best products for your tools and vehicles. Once you’re ready to place an order, visit AMSOIL’s online shop and do so anytime.

Safety Before Maintenance

For your safety, it’s essential to remove your lawn mower’s spark plug before doing any maintenance to avoid accidents and injuries.

Clean Your Lawn Mower

The first step of your maintenance routine should be to clean your lawnmower often. This can improve its lifespan and prevent material from staying in it for long enough to cause damage. For example, some of the pieces that your land mower picks up from the ground can lead to corrosion. This is also an excellent time to check if your lawnmower blades are dull or if they’re worn out; if so, it’s time to replace them.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

As mentioned above, the blades on your lawnmower should be sharp enough to cut the grass. Sharp blades will give a cleaner cut and avoid leaving a patchy lawn. This can also help you save time as you’ll need to go over the lawn fewer times for it to look nice. If you need to sharpen the blades, do it yourself, or take them to a service center to get them sharpened.

Keep the Oil Clean

Engines of all sizes need to have their oil changed from time to time, no matter how small they might be. Lawnmowers will usually require a change after five hours of use, but for a more accurate frequency of oil changes and the types of oil you should use, make sure to check your owner’s manual.

Just like any other engine, your lawnmower needs maintenance to function correctly. AMSOIL has products like their Gasoline Stabilizer to keep old fuel from damaging your engine. Give Advanced Filtration Technologies a call at (701) 572-3780 or place an order online anytime.

Clean and Change Its Air Filter

Next up in your lawn mower maintenance routine is cleaning or changing the air filter. The air filter is essential in the proper functioning of your lawnmower. The frequency of cleaning and air filter changing depends on the type of filter you use. If you’re using a paper-based filter, you’ll need to change it once it clogs up. If you’re using a foam-based one, you can remove it and wash it with detergent. Make sure you keep an eye on your filter, as it’s an essential engine component.

Change Its Spark Plug

Once you’ve given your blades some maintenance and changed the air filter, it’s time to check the spark plug. Even if your lawnmower works with only one, it’s essential to keep it in good shape as a faulty spark plug can cause your land mower not to start. Spark plugs have a useful life of around 100 hours, so if your mower is having a difficult time starting, it might be time to swap it out for a new one. Keep a spare one to change it out in a pinch. Safety tip: If you want to replace the spark plug, make sure the blades are facing down and that you’re working on solid ground to avoid an accident.

Storing Your Lawn Mower

Lastly, storage is incredibly important in keeping your lawnmower in good shape. Storing it out of the elements and covering it with a breathable lawn mower cover can help you prevent moisture from building up inside the engine. Also, it’s essential to do some basic cleaning before putting it away and emptying its oil and fuel reservoir if you’re storing it for a longer time.

All types of engines require some maintenance for them to work property. For the best products for your lawnmower, call Advanced Filtration Technologies at (701) 572-3780 and one of their oil pros will be glad to assist you. To see AMSOIL's full range of products, visit their online shop.


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