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Maintenance Tasks to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

If you've been dreaming about your first spring ride ever since putting your motorcycle in storage this past winter, we've got great news for you! Now that the weather is warmer, your first ride may be just around the corner. Before you get suited up in your riding gear, do remember to take care of your motorcycle's seasonal maintenance. Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. in Williams County has some tips to help you get started on your spring motorcycle maintenance.

Wash Your Motorcycle

After spending a season in storage, your motorcycle will need some love in the form of a wash. Scrub down your bike gently, removing any moisture, dust, or other built up gunk it may have developed while in storage. Avoid power washing your motorcycle as this might push water into areas where it shouldn't be. Once your motorcycle is fully clean, dry it completely in order to avoid unsightly water stains. Lastly, apply a layer of wax on your motorcycle, not just for aesthetic purposes, but also to protect it from road hazards. You'll notice that once your motorcycle is clean you'll have a much easier time inspecting its body. If you find any loose parts or burnt out bulbs in the cleaning process, take care of them before heading out on the road.

Pay Attention to the Fuel System

One of the first things you will need to take care of as you take your motorcycle out of storage is its fuel system. Fuel can go bad quite quickly and cause issues for your motorcycle is you try to ride it with old fuel. It can cause clogs and other serious issues for your fuel system. If you used a fuel stabilizer before storing your motorcycle, your fuel is likely ready to go. However, it's a good idea to inspect your fuel before simply relying on the stabilizer to do its work. If you didn't use a fuel stabilizer during winter storage, you will need to drain the old fuel and replace it before going out for a ride. If you left your fuel tank less than full over the winter, inspect your tank before doing anything. Moisture usually creeps into less than full fuel tanks over the winter months and can cause corrosion, rust, and other build up that can mix with your new fuel. If this is your motorcycle's case, clean out the tank before refilling it.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

If you changed your motorcycle's oil before storing it, then you're likely set for the new riding season. You should still take the time to inspect the condition of your oil and its level. For those who need an oil change, consider making it a synthetic oil change. Not only will synthetic oil protect your engine better all season, it can also last longer than a conventional oil, increasing the time between changes. While you're at it, remember to also change your motorcycle's oil filter for even better performance. Start your spring off right with a synthetic oil change in Williams CountyContact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. in Williams County for the best AMSOIL Oil specials and deals around. Don't forget to check out our website for a full stock of out products. Call us at (701) 572- 3780 to place your order today!

Take Care of Your Motorcycle's Fluids

Before heading out the door with your motorcycle, don't forge to check on its fluids. Apart from its oil and fuel, you should also take a look at its brake fluid, coolant, and battery fluid. Brake fluid can go bad quickly, especially if it's left uncovered or exposed. It's a good idea to drain it and replace it this spring. While you're at it, give the brakes system a visual inspection just to make sure everything is working fine. Inspect your coolant to decide if it's still good or if it needs replacement. If it's still in good condition, simply top it off before heading out. Lastly, check your battery fluid levels and top it off if it's below the recommended level.

Charge Your Battery

You won't get anywhere without a charged battery. If you kept your battery connected to a trickle charger or a charger with a tender through the winter, you should be all set. However, if you let your battery die over winter, connect it to your charger to make sure it hasn't gone completely dead. Letting your battery lose charge or overcharging it can cause it to lose its ability to hold a charge. Test your battery before going for a ride just to make sure it won't leave you stranded on the road.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Williams County

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