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Give Your Car a Summer Tune Up

Now is the perfect time to take your car out on a trip before the warm weather starts to leave. Don’t let small and preventable problems get in the way of you enjoying your car with these easy to follow maintenance tips from Regency Platinum Direct Jobber.

Keeping Your Engine Cool

One of the most common and preventable engine problems during the summer months is overheating. Check the condition and functionality of your radiator, ensuring there are no obvious signs of damage or cracks. While you're at it, clean any hoses and filters to promote a constant air flow throughout your engine.

Check Your Tires

There are only four things that keeps your car firmly connected to the roads - your tires. High temperatures can affect the pressure of your tires, so be sure to keep your eye on them. Additionally, now is a good time to check your tread and consider any replacements that may be required. When it comes to enjoying your car, safety comes first.

Change Your Oil

While there are many standards for changing your oil, how often you use your car and in what conditions has a big impact. If it’s been a while since your last oil change, or you’re looking at an extended driving trip, change your oil beforehand.

Synthetic Oil in Williston

Now is the perfect time to start utilizing high quality AMSOIL synthetic oil in Williston to keep your engine clean and give you longer time between oil changes.  Speak with an expert at Regency Platinum Direct Jobber on (701) 572-3780 about protecting your engine during the heat.

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