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Teaching your teen to drive as they prepare to take their driving exam may not be something you're looking forward to. To keep your cool, use these tips from Advanced Filtration Technologies.

Tips for Driving Lessons With Your Teen

Most teens look forward to getting their driver's license. While this can be very exciting for them, you may not be as excited about taking them out to practice before their test. To make this process easier and more productive, use these tips.

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Go Over the Basics

It's important that your child knows where to find all the components they will need while driving. Rather than catching them by surprise when asking them to turn on their turn signal, take some time to review these items before having them start their first driving lesson. Go even the most basic items so you're sure your child is comfortable with all of these items. Start by identifying the brake and gas pedal. Teach them how to get into the correct gear safely and get the car moving smoothly. It's also important that they are able to find things like their turn signals, headlights, emergency lights, horn, windshield wipers, and defroster. Once they are comfortable with where everything is located and how to use it, they'll feel a bit more at ease and confident.

Look for a Safe Space for Lessons

Rather than heading to a busy street for a driving lesson, start your child off in a more isolated area where they will feel less stressed. Head to a space like an empty parking lot where your child will have plenty of space and won't get nervous worrying about other drivers. In a space like this, they will have enough room to practice accelerating and coming to a smooth stop. Once they get used to the pedals and doing this, they will start to build their confidence a bit more. After mastering this, they can start to practice other basics, like turning, parking in a parking spot, and going in reverse without worrying about pressured by other drivers.

Take It Slow

Learning to drive can be very stressful for teens, so avoid pressuring them to move faster. Let your child take their time getting comfortable with the car and driving so that you're sure they'll be safe. Once they're bored with the parking lot, don't move too fast into a heavy traffic street. Instead, practice driving on a residential street that doesn't get very much traffic. This will be a step forward from a parking lot but not too drastic. Here, your child can practice driving steadily at the speed limit while keeping an eye out for other drivers. Since the speed limit is lower, this will be more comfortable for them and they will feel less pressure when they have a driver behind them. They can also practice stopping at stop signs, parallel parking, and turning smoothly.

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Keep Your Child Calm

It can be stressful to be in the car with a new driver, but keep in mind that showing your nerves can make it worse for them. If your child can tell you're nervous, they will only feel more nervous themselves. Do your best to also keep your cool and not freak out as they drive. Ask questions or give them gently reminders and pointers for things like staying at the speed limit, using their turn signals, and checking their mirrors.

Look for Professional Driving Classes

If you're feeling too stressed giving your child driving lessons, you always have the option of finding them a professional driving instructor. Chances are you've seen those student driver cars around town, so why not give them a call? These instructors have more experience and will feel more comfortable helping your child practice for their driving test. They will also know how to teach your child more effectively so that they're better prepared to pass their test.

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