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Did you know your car relies on a few different filters to keep its systems running smoothly? If you don't know much about this, this post can help you learn some basics.

Your Car's Filters: A Brief Lesson

Most people are aware that their car has an oil filter and an air filter, but what exactly do they do and how often are you supposed to change them? If you don't know the answer to these questions, you're not alone by any means! To help you get to the bottom of this, Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. has put together some information about some of the different filters you'll find in your car.

Learn About Your Air Filter

Did you know that your car needs air in order to continue running? Air is actually pulled into your car's engine so that combustion can take place. However, this air needs to be clean in order for the combustion processes to flow without any issues. This is where your air filter comes in. Your air filter is located in the engine and it works hard to trap abrasive substances that can cause issues with combustion. The filter will trap things like dust and dirt so that everything can go smoothly. Your air filter will have to be replaced at least once a year so that there are no issues under the hood. There are some air filter that can be cleaned in order to expand their life a bit, but these will have to be replaced at some point. Of course, if you drive through heavily polluted areas or dusty roads, you will need to change your air filter more often.

Why You Need to Change Your Oil Filter

Chances are that you are already aware of your oil filter, but just how much do you know about it? Like your car's air filter, this filter is also located in the engine. It plays a very important role in maintaining your oil clean and keeping your engine healthy. As your oil flows through your engine, it travels through your oil filter where contaminants are filtered. Your oil filter will trap anything from metal shavings to dirt that can negatively affect your oil. It's recommended that you change your oil filter every time you get an oil change. This is because you wouldn't want to introduce clean oil into an already dirty filter. A dirty filter can fill up faster, meaning it won't be able to keep your oil clean for as long as a new filter can. If it's time for your next synthetic oil change, then it's also time to change your oil filter. Not sure what products to use on your vehicle? Don't worry, just contact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. at (701) 572- 3780 for expert recommendations and the personalized service you need. They will be happy to recommend products like AMSOIL Oil's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Keep Your Fuel Filter Clean

Another filter you will find in your car is a fuel filter. The exact job your fuel filter performs will depend on the type of engine that powers your vehicle. If your drive a gasoline powered engine, your fuel filter will be in charge of removing contaminants found in your gasoline. Although it's normal for gasoline to contain these particles, this doesn't mean you want them in your fuel. If your car is powered by diesel, your fuel filter will work to remove water that can cause corrosion on the metal parts of your engine. Ideally, your fuel filter should be changed once a year in order to keep your car performing at its best.

Understand Your Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is very important if you enjoy breathing in clean air while driving. This filter helps clean the air that gets pulled into your car's cabin. So, even if the air outside is heavily polluted or very dusty, your cabin air filter will remove all of these contaminants so that you can breathe easy. People who suffer from allergies may notice when their air filter is full or clogged because their allergies may start acting up more than usual. To keep the air in your car clean, change your cabin air filter at lease once a year.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Williston, ND

Now that you know getting your oil filter changed is just as important as getting a synthetic oil change in Williston, ND, don't delay it any longer. To find the perfect products for your next oil change, contact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. at (701) 572- 3780. You can also stop by their online shop where you will find a full range of their products.

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