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Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Although most motorcycle riders dread it, the time has come to put your motorcycle away for the winter. Before doing so, be sure your ride is properly prepared for its winter hibernation. These simple tips can help you get started on your winter motorcycle storage preparations.

Wash Your Motorcycle for Added Protection

Before putting your motorcycle away for the season, give it one last wash. This isn't for aesthetic purposes, but rather to keep your motorcycle's body protected. Washing it will help remove corrosive substances and a wax will give it an added layer of protection against moisture. For the best results, keep your motorcycle covered with a proper motorcycle cover. Using a tarp isn't the best idea because the material these are made of will allow moisture to develop, causing rust, corrosion, and mildew. Instead, find a proper cover for your motorcycle that is made of breathable material.

Use a Fuel Stabilizer

No one likes to spend their money on gas, but it is very important that you fill up your fuel tank before storing your motorcycle. A full tank will reduce the amount of moisture that enters the tank, reducing the chances of it developing rust. After filling up on fuel, add a fuel stabilizer into your tank. Let your engine run for a few minutes or go on a short ride in order to ensure your stabilizer and fuel mix together properly. Taking care of this simple step will prevent your fuel from going stale and becoming thick. Not only will you have a full tank of useable fuel in the spring, but you'll also have added peace of mind knowing your fuel won't thicken and clog passages while in storage.

Give Your Motorcycle a Synthetic Oil Change

Although you won't be using your motorcycle's oil this season, your bike will still need some fresh oil for the best engine protection. Your old oil can develop acids that will damage internal metal parts even while your bike isn't in use. Prevent this damage by giving your motorcycle a synthetic oil change before storing it. For the best results, replace the old oil filter with a new one. Before storing your motorcycle, give it a synthetic oil change in Dickinson. Contact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. to learn more about AMSOIL synthetic oil and its many benefits. Contact them at (701) 572- 3780 or visit their online shop to place your order.

Check on Your Tires

Although your tires won't be seeing much action this season, they still need to be taken care of. For the best protection, store your motorcycle on a stand that will keep the tires off the ground. If your tires are on the ground all season long they can develop flat spots that will be no good come spring. If you don't have space for a stand, rotate your tires every couple of weeks to prevent these flat spots from forming. While you're at it, check your tires' air pressure since the cold temperatures can cause them to lose pressure. If this is the case, pump your tires to the recommended air pressure.

Pay Attention to the Exhaust

The exhaust or mufflers may be the last thing on your mind, but it's important that you don't forget about them. These parts are very susceptible to rust when your motorcycle isn't in use, so do your best to properly prepare them for storage. Start by spraying them with a light layer of WD-40 to create a barrier between the parts and moisture. Next, stuff a plastic bag in the exhaust pipe to prevent moisture from entering and wrap a plastic bag around the outside. This can go a long way in preventing rust and corrosion. If you're worried about small critters entering your motorcycle through the exhaust look for an exhaust plug.

Replace Old Fluids

Changing your motorcycle's old fluids shouldn't be left until spring. If they sit in your motorcycle all winter they can actually cause quite a bit of internal damage. Brake fluid is prone to absorbing moisture which can lead to corrosion in internal parts. Avoid these types of issues by draining and replacing the fluids your motorcycle relied on all season long. Be sure you replace the antifreeze with the proper mix in order to prevent it from freezing and causing cracks and other internal damage. These are just a few tips to get started, but you can be sure that there are plenty of other ways to prepare your motorcycle for storage.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Dickinson

For the best engine protection this winter, invest in a synthetic oil change in DickinsonContact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. at (701) 572- 3780 for help finding the best synthetic oil for your motorcycle, car, or any other engine. Be sure to check out their online shop for a full selection of AMSOIL Oil products and to place your order.

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