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If you're tired of paying to get your car washed every few weeks, why not do it yourself? Use these tips to get your car as clean as the pros while saving some cash.

Wash Your Car Like a Pro

Washing your car isn't just about having a nicer looking vehicle than your neighbors. In fact, keeping your car clean is an essential part of keeping it healthy and in great condition. Just like you take care of your car's internal systems to keep them working properly, your car's exterior will also need some care in order to stay in good shape. Instead of heading over to the car wash every few weeks and splurging on a professional service, take care of this yourself at home. You can achieve results like the pros with the proper tools and knowledge. Check out these tips to get your clean and shiny.

Do Use the Proper Cleaning Solutions

Using the proper cleaning supplies for your car is the first step to ensuring your car gets properly washed without getting damaged. If you were considering using dish soap, hand soap, or any other type of household cleaner, put the bottle down and step away from your car. These household cleaners may do a great job at getting your home clean, but they aren't meant for use on cars. In fact, most of these products are too harsh and can strip away your car's protective wax layer, causing damage to the paint job. Instead, opt for a cleaning solution that has been made specifically for cars. These will get your car nice and shiny without causing any harm.

Don't Wash Your Car While It's Hot

Now that you have the proper cleaning solution, it's time to wash your car. However, before you start scrubbing your car down with your cleaning solution and lamb's wool mitt, be sure your car isn't hot. If your car has been sitting in the sun all day or if you just got home from running errands you may notice that it's body is hot to the touch. Move your car into the shade and let it completely cool down before washing it. The problem with washing a hot car is that your soapy water will dry onto your car much faster than it would on a cool vehicle. This can result in unsightly water marks that will make your car look dirty. In order to keep your car's internal workings clean and healthy, be sure to give it regular synthetic oil changes in Williston. Contact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc at (701) 572- 3780 for help finding the products for your oil change. They can recommend products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your car running better for longer.

Do Start With a Rinse

Once your car is sufficiently cool to wash, don't throw your soapy water on it right away. It's very likely that your car has accumulated some dirt and debris on its body since its last wash. Even if there isn't a visible layer of dirt over the paint that doesn't mean it's not there. If you start washing your car and scrubbing away at it while this layer of dirt is still on it, you can cause some hairline scratches in the paint. To avoid this, always start your car washes with a rinse. Grab your hose and spray down your car so that this layer of dirt is gone before you start applying your car washing solution to it. Also, remember to wash your car in parts and from top to bottom to prevent any soap from drying onto the body.

Don't Let Your Car Air Dry

Washing your car takes a bit of work, so when you're finally done scrubbing it and rinsing it you may be tempted to just let it air dry. If you do this, all of your hard work will just go to waste. Allowing your car to air dry or driving it around the block to help it dry faster can lead the excess water to dry on your car causing water marks. This won't make your car look clean at all. Instead, grab a drying chamois and use this to soak up the excess water left on your car's body. Avoid rubbing your car and use minimal pressure to soak up the remaining water. Finally, consider adding a new layer of wax to your car's body to protect it from the elements.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Williston, ND

Once your car is clean and shiny, why not get your engine just as clean and healthy? Give your car a synthetic oil change in Williston, ND in order to keep the engine working well for longer. Contact Advanced Filtration Technologies, Inc. at (701) 572- 3780 to find all the products you need for your synthetic oil change.

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