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Even at your cheapest neighborhood petrol station, to fill up your vehicle with premium fuel can cost upwards of $60. During these interesting economic times, the question you really need to ask yourself is, is higher octane (premium) gas really worth the extra cost? In this article, the synthetic oil change experts in Williston explore whether or not premium gasoline is worth the premium price. The consensus among the general public is that higher octane (premium) gasoline creates better fuel economy for your vehicle and is better for your engine than lower octane (regular) fuel. The truth, however, is that both premium and regular petrol contain the exact same amount of energy per gallon, and unless your engine is designed for highane fuel, you won't receive any benefit from using premium gas on a regular vehicle engine. A big difference between premium and regular fuel is the blend of hydrocarbons used to make the fuel and the types and amount of additives mixed into it. The additives mixed into the fuel are important when considering whether or not you should purchase premium fuel because they are used to reduce carbon build-up inside the engine, improve combustion, inhibit corrosion, and can even allow your vehicle to start easier in colder temperatures and climates. And that, in a nutshell, is the main advantage of buying premium gasoline. Another important additive that producers stir into their gasoline is ethanol. Ethanol is added primarily to boost a fuel's octane rating. The higher the octane rating, the higher the compression ratio; the higher the compression ratio, the greater the temperature, and the higher the temperature, the greater the thermal efficiency and power produced by the engine. In other words, if you have a high-compression engine designed for performance, you will need a higher amount of octane in your fuel and should consider buying premium fuel. It's a proven fact that using synthetic oil is great for the environment and increases vehicle fuel economy. Why not use the best and most affordable synthetic oil on the market? That's what AMSOIL synthetic oil is designed for. Easy on your wallet, easy on your engine. Call Advanced Filtration Technologies in Williston today for more information on AMSOIL synthetic oil and why it is the right choice for you. Our main number is (701) 572-3780. Also, check out our online store to purchase the best products for your next synthetic oil change in Williston. If your car's handbook says that premium fuel is "recommended" rather than "required", the engine will adjust itself automatically to run smoothly on a lower octane fuel. If, however, it says that premium fuel is "required" it is best to use premium fuel for the best possible results. If you use non-premium fuel in an older highane engine without a knock sensor, it can cause knocking which is very bad for the engine and can cause the engine to disintegrate. This was certainly the case in the past for older vehicles and luckily, today, modern vehicles with highane engines come with a knock sensor that listens for engine knock and will adjust the ignition timing to compensate for using a lowerane fuel. Here's a DIY experiment that you can easily conduct if you want to see if you can save money by using premium gas in a vehicle for which it's recommended but not required. Simply monitor your own fuel economy and performance over two tanks of premium gas to see how much mileage you get vs how much gas you use and how much it costs. If your car has an onboard fuel economy meter, use that and make sure you reset it when filling up. After you have used two tanks of premium gas, do the same thing with regular gasoline and then compare the results.

Premium Gasoline Myths

You can void your warranty if your owner's manual calls for premium and you use regular instead. This is completely false. Unless it specifically states somewhere that your warranty will be voided if you use regular unleaded gasoline in your vehicle's engine, you shouldn't worry too much about it. Using regular gasoline in a highane engine will damage your vehicle's engine. This is the case for older vehicle engines that don't have knock sensors. Today, all modern vehicle engines have a knock sensor and will adjust the ignition timing to compensate for using a lower octane fuel. If, however, you notice a decrease in power due to the knock sensor regulating the ignition timing, then it is recommended that you use a premium fuel. To conclude, using a low octane fuel in a high octane engine will not cause engine damage but may cause a decrease in engine performance. For more great content, check out this post on the most common driving distractions.

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Whether you use premium or regular gasoline, your vehicle can always benefit from a synthetic oil change in Williston. You can trust Advanced Filtration Technologies to provide you with top tier quality service and expertise. Call us at (701) 572-3780 to get the best synthetic oil in Williston for your next synthetic oil change in Williston. Also, check out our online store if you're ready to place an order.

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